Wave For Work Swipe feature doesn't work (Macbook Air 2021)

Wave For Work Swipe left and right feature doesn't work

It just doesn't work... is Genki working on this, or is anyone else having this problem?



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  • Hi Dre,

    I'm sorry to hear that the swipe features are not working properly in your case.

    Please make sure that the gestures are not muted. You can look for a Ø sign in the top-right corner of the gesture box in the Wave for Work application. This sign means that the gestures are muted, and can be unmuted by clicking the middle button on Wave. The sign should disappear.

    The swipe left/right gestures work best when the hand is rotated sideways, with the palm of the right hand facing left. You can also change the settings in the app to accommodate for left-handed use.

    The swipes can be seen demonstrated in this video. Are you able to replicate those kinds of swipes with your hand?


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