Cosmic ideas


Love this synth so far, fun intuitive design, interesting sounds.

I'd like to suggest some ideas for an upcoming update:


  • Optimization of CPU usage, it's quite heavy at the moment.
  •  Glide/Portamento mode + speed, almost feels like an essential. I wanna slide down Saturn's rings.
  • MIDI learn range, like you can set with the ASDR/UFO. So it will control some functions with less range, and others more range. Especially handy with the mod wheel.
  • Negative MIDI mapping for the modwheel. That opening up the mod wheel, is able to close something, while another function opens up.
  • Add aftertouch data to midi learn.
  • Velocity sensitivity, would be cool to have easily available. Gravity mode activated.
  •  Echo Reverse mode. Would be fun to have, putting the spaceship into reverse.
  •  Maybe some granular function? Very wanted these days. You could implement it as an Asteroid storm / Meteor shower for example.
  • A third UFO..
  • Stereo mode. Being able to do LFO panning, stereo echo, osc split for a wider range. * I see it in control mode (logic), but not in the editor mode.
  • The preset menu that pops up is not very clear, because the letters float over top of the synth layout.
  • The preset menu can use a categorizing function. Bass - Keys - FX - Lead.

I think that's it for now, I will keep playing with it and post if I have more ideas.






  • "Shortcuts? For quick settings, like a shortcut for the UFO's. Instead of having to click them all the time."

    Just figured that when you've used an ADSR/UFO mapping function, hitting enter is the short-key to map another setting for the previous used function.


  • more patches please, Thank you

  • @jmacie

    Anything specific youre looking for? Can create/share mine if you want?

  • Jack Julian, Thank you, yes, I am interested in any sounds you might want to share. I'm not a designer, I understand the premise of tweaking the sounds. I am hoping for a larger catalogue of sounds to try, 38 sounds is not much of a catalogue, that's all. Thanks again.  email.  

  • Sure, I'm working on a small preset bundle. Will share it with you after the preset competition (1 march).

  • Jack Julian Thank you, and bon chance!

  • Congratulations Jack Julian! I had the feeling when you said you had a pack of sounds already made that you would win. Take care 

  • Yo jmacie! Thanks a lot, so excited.

    Did you try them out? (:


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