Standalone Pitch Bend

Has anyone managed to do Pitch Bend on the Standalone mode? One of the main reason I bought this ring is because I thought this would be capable of doing Pitch Bend just like the Enhance Neova Ring on the following link (Pitch Bend demo starts at 00:43):

I'm sorry Genki, but I couldn't find any videos showing Genki Wave Ring with this feature on any of the videos on Youtube so I had to refer this to your competitor's feature, Enhancia Neova Ring.

Am I missing something? I could see that there's Pitch Bend option on any gesture features on Softwave (tilt, pan, rotate, vibrato etc), but no matter which gestures you paired this, it does not work as what you'd expect the Pitch Bend would do. It won't go back to centre automatically and created pitch chaos as you played, no matter which gestures you chose.

Genki Instruments, or someone out there, I'd appreciate your help!



  • Hello,

    have you tried switching the MIDI signal of your motion to PB instead of a CC number?

    If you map a preset with a motion sending PB it should work as you want, if not, then there is an issue.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Jonathan, yes I’ve done switching to PB (not midi CC) and assigned it to roll or tilt or pan gesture, but the issue is they all cannot go back to centre automatically as soon as you move your finger.

    Have you tried this method and succeeded? Really curious if someone have been able to do so.

  • Hi Karina,
    I am actually troubleshooting something else with my device so I can't really try it properly.

    But from what I see when I do it (until it just stops working...which is my issue), if I leave my hand at the extreme right (for the Pan motion for example), it will come back very very slowly.  But if I bring back my hand about the center, it will actually come back right in the's not really following the motion and returns to "zero". 

    Again, if this does not work, I would suggest to check with Genki support.  Or, of course, wait a few more days to see if someone else has found a way to make it properly work.

    Have a good one!

  • I’m sorry to hear your device stopped working. Mine actually did stop working for unknown reasons a few days ago.. then I plugged in the charger and left it overnight, and it was on the next day! Weird!!

    I will try as per your suggestion. Genki Team actually had replied to my concern by email and they said Wave Ring does not have the pitch bend feature as per the video! I’m quite disappointed but thought who knows one of the users find a way to “manipulate” this feature.

    All the best for your issue.. hopefully you’ll be able to find a solution for the problem!


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