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So I'm having some issues, I've had my wave for a couple weeks now, and I still can't get it to connect to my computer. I'm running a mac, and I think the issue is that the wave is autoconnecting to bluetooth on the system, and that is making it so it won't connect to softwave. I've tried everything I could think of to stop the wave from autoconnecting to bluetooth, but nothing works, I've reset the bluetooth model, removed the wave from the devices list (which usually stops and auto reconnect) but no luck. I'm getting really close to just returning it if I'm honest.



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  • Hi Hatfieldcreek,

    To sort out Bluetooth issues on macOS, could you try clearing the Bluetooth cache on your system, as described on the Troubleshooting page?

    If that does not sort the problem out, you could try resetting Softwave's settings by removing the file located in ~/Library/Application Support/Genki Instruments/Softwave.settings (or move it to your desktop to avoid losing your custom setup).

    For further troubleshooting, you can file a support ticket here.


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