I'm wondering if it is possible to send CC changes over multiple midi channels from one wave. My plan is to have the wave control CCs on my pedalboard, while having another controller for preset changes as well as midi clock sync.

I don't currently have all the hardware I would need to test this, just wondering if it's possible.



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    Hi Hatfileldcreek. I'm sorry the previous answer was not helpful.

    To clarify your original question: Currently, each preset can send MIDI on one channel. We've noted your request to be able to send MIDI on multiple channels, and hopefully we can add this feature in future firmware updates.

  • I should mention that my plan is to have the WIDI master and the other controller plugged into a merger, that then goes to a breakout box to take the merged midi signal from 5pin to trs for two pedals, then use the thru 5pin to go to the other pedal.


    WIDI + DMC.Micro > Midisolutions Merger > Chase Bliss Midibox > 2 Chase Bliss pedals and GFI Specular Tempus

  • Hello, Hatfieldcreek!

    Thank you for your question.

    Feel free to check these links:

    Hope this helps!🙂

  • That didn't answer my question at all.

  • My question was is it possible to send different CCs over different midi channels, for example CC99 on midi channel 1, and CC65 on midi channel 6, at the same time from one wave ring.

  • In doing some playing around with the software, it seems that this isn't possible, at least not on the same preset, it's too bad as I was really hoping to be able to use one wave to control two pedals.


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