Wave + Softwave not recognized by Bitwig 4.0.1

On Windows 10, I'm trying to use Wave on Bitwig, but when I follow the instructions I am not seeing any reaction in the DAW.

  1. Softwave and Wave are updated to latest versions
  2. Softwave and Wave together work, and I can get MIDI input from my controller and control Softwave
  3. I created a new preset in Softwave with a single parameter: MIDI CC#1 on Roll
  4. I set in Softwave MIDI Output = Wave
  5. In Bitwig, I disconnected and removed all other MIDI controllers.
  6. Bitwig is using Takeover Mode = Catch.
  7. In Bitwig, I went to Settings > Controllers > and added a Generic MIDI Keyboard, set to Wave

Then, I opened an instance of Kontakt and checked if the Wave maps to the Modulation wheel (CC#1), but it does not. Even if I right-click and select "Map to controller" and move something there is no response.

I've confirmed that I can map my Linnstrument CC faders to control the Mod Wheel setting. I am wondering if there are settings that I have missed?



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  • Hi all - brief update. Just figured this out.

    • Reinstalled Softwave
    • Restarted Bluetooth on Computer
    • Restart Softwave
    • Disconnect/reconnect Wave. (Note: if Softwave does not recognize it, try to open Bluetooth on Windows, discover a new device, and then seeing if Wave comes up there when you hold the button to turn it on.
    • Then I tried first in Reaper following the instructions and it worked, and then I tried in Bitwig, and it worked there too. (Make sure you arm recording in Bitwig, as only recording devices receive MIDI)

    Hope that this helps others.


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