Movement-->notes (not pitch bend) using Ableton Live 11 Std

Hi everyone

I am looking to use a Wave to explore melodies. I've found that using the Wave for midi pitch bend isn't right for me (theremin, anybody?!). I'd like to have it send note data instead.

I saw the Loopop video where he used Max for Live and to do this  Is anyone else doing this, and particularly have you done it without Max for Live? I am on Live 11 Std at the moment and I could upgrade, but would rather use that money for other stuff!

All tips gratefully received!



  • I'm fairly new to the wave, but had experimented with other controllers in the past to do this. I found the Event Processor + from MidiSolutions worked amazingly, it's really only a programmable midi filter, allowing you to turn CC into notes quite easily. 

  • Thanks a clever thing! Thanks for letting me know about it. 


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