ring randomly connecting and disconnecting


Has anyone had a similar problem? I have two rings connected to softwave. Once in a while one of them seemingly randomly disconnects and then connects again. Sometimes this seems to have to do with certain gestures but I'm not sure.

I'm on mac high sierra 10.13.6.



  • Good day!

    Using the rings in standalone mode will allow all eight functions to be configured for both rings, but they'll operate independently.

    Currently, we only support 8 functions per preset in Softwave. If using two rings, they're split between them. We'll definitely look into expanding this to eight functions per ring in future updates.

  • Thanks, but that doesn't answer the question. I'm only using 8 functions.

    I've since figured out the connectivity problems were probably due to distance - the rings were ca. 4 meters from the computer.


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