Firmware versions

This is somewhat a two part issue:

Firmware Versions

1) There appears to be no way I can find to determine which version of firmware is on loaded on a ring. 

2) The "update firmware without Softwave" instructions point to zip file to download... but there is no indication what revision of the firmware this is... Unpacking the file gives no version info either.  I was able to use command line tools to extract the string "v1.6.5" from the binary file - so I'm assuming that is the version....

3) But... I have no idea which version of firmware is current, or latest, or goes with which version of Softwave. A full change log of both should appear somewhere on the site - with downloads to prior revisions.

Possible Firmware Bug

All of the above is because I found my ring no longer pairs with latest Raspberry Pi Linux images. I'm not sure if this is due to firmware update on the ring (I did it earlier this summer) - or change in Linux.  The issues above are because I'd like to load the prior firmware on the ring and see if that works. (The older version of the firmware worked with a slightly older version of Linux - since both moved, I can't see which is at fault.)



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    Sorry to answer this question so late!

    The current firmware revision on the ring can be read either from Softwave or using the iOS/Android app nRF Connect (or any software that can read and parse standard device information over Bluetooth LE).

    The firmware package in our instructions should always be up to date, but we'll try to make the version more readily available.

    Currently, we do not support firmware downgrades, which is why we do not keep a catalog of older firmware/software releases available. We're open to revising this if there is demand for it.

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