Wave - Firmware update to 1.6.2

Hi all,

I have just updated (manually through nRF Toolbox) the firmware of my wave ring to 1.6.2. I have tried to solve the Wave for work app stuck in an upgrade loop by manually upgrading the firmware on the ring.

I am still having the same issue. Every time I open Wave for work app, it prompts the "upgrade" bar then crashes at 0%. It does that loop a couple of times before opening the management screen. the ring is then connected and I can action on the buttons.

Also, I've lost all visual pictograms on the ring in the upgrade process when I click on a button or cycle through the presentation and music mode.

Is there a special firmware for the wave ring if I use it with wave for work app? There's got to be something different right? The wave ring to perform music is priced at $249, and the wave for work ring is priced at $149. Is there a reset button combination I can do to go back to the factory presets? Please help me out!

Thank you!



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  • You guys really need to fix these upgrade problems.  I just got 2 Waves that both did this right out of the box.  Can't my $500 pay for some better engineering QA?


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