No Video Meeting Detected - Wave for work

I get a "No Video Meeting Detected" message at the bottom of the window. 

It works fine on music and powerpoint but does not for Teams nor Zoom calls. It might just be a setting that I missed... I use a MacBook Pro on BigSur (11.2.3), Teams (version, Zoom (version 5.6.4 (765)).

I tried re-installing "Wave for Work" app a couple of times... to the point where, when I open the app, in the connexion screen, I see 2 wave device available for connect... I only own one. Weird. How do I perform a full, clean uninstall of Wave for work app so I can start on a blank slate?

Can you help me out?



  • Official comment

    We have received a few similar reports and we are looking for the cause. Hoping we can solve it in a software update very soon.

    If you'd like to help us out and provide more details, please reach out to support here.

  • I have the exact same problem on my M1 Mac Mini!

  • I have the same problem on Windows 10


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