Adding iOS and Android support for Wave for Work

It would be fantastic to add iOS and Android support for Wave for Work, especially in the new way of working after the COVID-19 pandemic



  • I would also really like this feature to be added.

    I present a lot from my phone and tablet (both android), this would be a real help.

    Also if there is a way to add multiple custom button settings that would be brilliant as well to tailor to the device I'm currently using.

    As an example I use CAD a lot for work and have set Shift, Ctrl and Tab as ring buttons meaning selecting is really fast, I don't have to reach for the keyboard at all. However when I move to chrome for to browse the web I would like to have back, forward and home but at the moment I would need to reassign the buttons, defeating the point of the speed of use.
    That is assuming I haven't missed something in the app and this functionality isn't there already, if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

  • I would also like to upvote this feature. To connect my wave for work to my iPhone/iPad, as they are more portable than my laptop. Usually out in the field for my work, so being able to connect on iPhone/iPad would be a great help!

  • I really wanted to use Wave For Work on my ipad while i use Procreate. If i was able to resize a brush with the Wave volume control... or switch from brush tool to the erase tool. I really need this!


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