Work-around for Softwave Crash on Pairing

Hi there!

A friend let me try Wave some months ago and it worked awesomely. When I was setting up my own today, Softwave would crash every time I tried pairing my Wave, no matter how many system restarts or reinstallations of Softwave I did. I installed Wave for Work to see if my unit was defective or if it was a software issue (which I suspected) and as soon as it paired it prompt a firmware update. Once that was done, I was able to pair it with Softwave and another update came, to which now the unit pairs and works perfectly.

I don't know if this is a recurrent issue with Catalina users, but I hope it helps!



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  • Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the tip. We'll make sure to investigate why Softwave would crash with the older firmware.

    For anyone that has issues with updating the firmware, you can also do it manually through an Android / iOS device. Just follow the instructions here.


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