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I purchased WIDI Master after receiving the Wave ring. Updated to the latest (non beta) WIDI Master firmware and went through the process of connecting the two according to the instruction (three times). I was then able to connect Wave and WIDI Master independently of Softwave (and my Mac). No matter what I try and, seemingly how many times I repeat the process, the connection between the two drops consistently. At first I thought it was due to other BLE devices interfering with the signal. So I turned everything off. Still no joy. They remain connected for about 30 seconds and then it drops. Any suggestions please?

Update: I have tried many combinations of functions and settings, initially thinking that maybe the WIDI was being overwhelmed with info, then I tried different powered devices thinking perhaps the WIDI wasn’t getting enough power. All to no avail. I tested the WIDI with my iPad and it had no issues. So this is perhaps a firmware issue between the Wave and WIDI. The WIDI is on the latest firmware which is 1.004 (cannot remember the exact version but it is the latest non-beta higher than 1.0). I notice there are two WIDI beta firmware versions available, perhaps one of these is a fix for this issue? You need a pwd from CME Pro to access it so I will try that and report if successful. 

Update #2: I got on to CME Pro and have an answer to this issue - you need to upgrade the firmware of the WIDI Master to the BETA v00135 (latest version. Needs a password : 'widi') and this fixes the connection issue with the Wave. However it also means that the WIDI App (iOS) will not work with the the WIDI Master after the upgrade and you will need to wait for the new version of the app. BTW - one really cool feature of the WIDI Master is that multiple WIDI Masters can be grouped together to create a network that allows simultaneous MIDI Thru and Merge between them (2 way midi). This means that you can connect the Wave to one of them and have the midi transfer to 2 or more (up to 5) devices. For example when switching the Wave to a new preset, you could cause programs to change simultaneously on other devices via wireless WIDI's.



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    This is awesome Tom - thank you for keeping us in the loop, great to hear that everything is working flawlessly for you.

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