Function Combinations

Combine the Pan, Tilt or Roll function with a Tap or Click function. This would send a different Tap note or CC depending on where in the range you are in the Pan (Tilt, Roll). 



  • Official comment

    Thanks for the feedback! While this is not possible with Wave on its own, you might be able to make this work with some third party plugins or a Max 4 Live device.

    We'll definitely keep this in mind for future software updates for Wave.

  • I hope it too.

  • Let me leave another comment here.

    The reasons why I need Tap function with other ones.

    I would like to use the Tap function (with picking hand with the Wave Ring) to turn on/off effect plugins when I play the guitar.

    But just strumming sometimes makes a Tap move at when I do not want.

    This happens even with the lowest sensitivity setting for Tap.

    If you can choose where you tap in the range of other functions, this might not happen.



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