Please give us a download of last stable Softwave build for Mac OSX

Since Softwave 0.10.0 doesn't even start on Big Sur (I don't know which OSX version is the latest it is compatible with but I switched from Mojave to Big Sur when I finally bought a new MacBook), would you guys PLEASE put up a link for older versions of Softwave that might at least offer basic functionality in Big Sur?

This way we are not dead in the water. You literally have an entire community of users who can not connect their Waves.
Please help.



  • PS. And the Midi interference issues. Etc. Etc. PLEASE just let users roll back to 9 or 8. I looked all over and can't seem to find a download. I eve dug through my old backups hoping i kept a copy of the older installers. XD No Luck !

  • Hi HEL1X,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles with Softwave v0.10.0. If Softwave doesn't start on Big Sur you might be running into the same issues as these users:

    You'll need to add Bluetooth permissions explicitly through settings, as mentioned in the other thread. We're working on an update for Softwave that should be out in the coming weeks.

    What kind of MIDI interference issues are you facing?



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