Tap Function Sensitivity Indicator in Softwave

When setting up a tap function (in standalone mode) with Softwave I noticed that the sensitivity indicator does not always register a tap and does not appear to give a good indicator of sensitivity. If you set the sensitivity to the max and then test externally via bluetooth on other software you will see that the slightest tap will register a midi cc message. However this level of sensitivity is not indicated in the tap function within Softwave, rather it appears that only one in three or four taps are registered and that it takes quite a force to register.

This is not the case when in standard mode (ie. not in standalone mode in Softwave). When in standard mode the tap function appears to register taps correctly. 

Update: I think I was able to correct this issue by going into Standard mode and then back into Standalone mode within Softwave. Maybe that process cleared a buffer or some other register?



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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for reporting. We'll look into the issue and see if we can fix it in the next software update.


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