Issue in Standalone Mode with Only One Preset

I have found what I think is an issue with setting up 1 preset in standalone mode: remove all existing presets in standalone mode and start with a new blank preset. Set up one of each action (not sure you need one of each but that is the test I did) and assign a CC control to each. Give it a name - I called it General (which suddenly makes me wonder if this is a reserved word or not - I will test with other names but I doubt it matters). You have 2 options for the preset behaviour: activate on preset selection, or only activate when the Activate button is pressed. To test this, disconnect from the software in standalone mode and connect to your bluetooth device or software. 

What I found is that when the activate on preset selection is set, the Wave remains on all the time but you cannot deactivate it with the Activate button or with any of the other buttons. On the other hand, if you save the preset with the option to only activate when the Activate button is pressed, it won't activate at all no matter what buttons are pressed. It does send an on / off midi message to the receiving device however.

The strange thing is that if you re-connect to the Softwave software and reset the standalone presets with the default (which includes one of each action) the Wave subsequently works as expected. 



  • If you set up a Click function in either standalone mode or the presets within Softwave, that button's default action will be overridden. E.g. if you set up a click on the middle button (which Softwave does by default when creating a new click slot), the "activate" action will be overridden.

    Could you test this out without assigning a click function to the middle buton?

  • Thanks for getting back to me. You're right - my mistake, apologies. I didn't check the type of default button that is selected when adding the tap function manually. I was confused by the fact that when selecting Reset to Default in standalone mode it sets up a tap for the down button and didn't think to check whether this was the case when adding the tap function manually. 


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