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I just received my Wave today so I am still getting to know all the features etc. Amazing piece of technology! 

One thing I have noticed when setting up presets within the Standalone Preset Bank: if you set up 2 presets and use the up and down buttons to navigate between them, the up button (next preset) will allow you to loop around; when on preset 2 it will allow you to go back to preset 1 and then 2 etc. However the down button (previous preset) will only go from 2 to 1 but will not loop around back to 2 again. This behaviour remains the same if you swap the functions of the buttons - that is make the down button as Next and up button as Previous. It seems to be button specific therefore. If  setting up a small number of standalone presets it would be useful to have both buttons loop around when either the first or last preset is reached especially the down button as it is the easier one of the two to access. Or perhaps make the looping behaviour an option...?




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    Thank you for the kind words Tom! This sounds like a bug, I have made the engineering team aware of this. They will look into it. Thank you 👋

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