Connecting Wave to Mac Mini reliably?

Ihave repeated problems trying to connect to a Mac Mini (2018 edition). I use an external Bluetooth dongle because the internal one will connect quickly but lose connection, whereas this dongle will have problems connecting, but won't drop connection once it actually does connect.

I'm wondering if anyone has some tricks to getting Softwave to recognize the ring in the first place. I try all kinds of things like disabling all Bluetooth devices first, disconnecting/reconnecting the ring, and selecting the ring in Softwave, but it's all very random whether the ring connects to my computer. Would love to hear ideas for getting it to connect more reliably. 



  • Hello,

    I've got something in mind, have you got a USB Hub 3.0 ? I've got one who makes the bluetooth and wifi very unstable. The USB 3.0 make signals likely similar to wifi and bluetooth so it blends and can make disconnecting problem because on the mac mini the composant are too close from each other..

    Since i have replace it for a USB Hub 2, no problem at all.

    Hope it helps


  • Vincent STOCK

    Just letting you know this completely solved my issue. Just wanted to say thanks and share with others. 



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