Softwave, Wave for Music mess

I've an 'early-bird' Wave user from the first batch.

I've just updated the Softwave app and now it asks to register.

I understand Genki's idea of 'work' vs 'music' (aka Pro) diff.

But you could at least help old users migrate properly (you could've sent them e-mails when changing) or have better information on the website how I register/unlock the new versions.



  • I have the same problem with may mac. I enter my email and the software shows "wave for music is not registered" with that email. What can i do?

  • Hi Tal, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are working on better migrating the registration/authentication system for Softwave.

    Could you be in touch through email ( or open a support ticket so we can solve this?

  • Andrea Dell'Asta, please get in touch, either via email ( or open a support ticket. We can resolve the issue there.

  • I've actually e-mailed you a week ago and didn't get any response :)


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