Reserved CC#'s in Pro Tools blocking Wave Ring/Softwave

When setting this up with Native Instrument's Cremona Quartet in Pro Tools, I found that Cremona's default controllers won't work for some parameters in ProTools when using the Wave ring.
ProTools reserves some CC #'s for itself:
Cremona Quartet instruments suggest CC # 14 for Vibrato Intensity, and CC# 15 for Vibrato Width. This work fine if editing those lanes within ProTools, but those CC's incoming signals are reserved by Pro Tools for its own interface control. Softwave sends the data OK, but Pro Tools won't pass it to a plugin.
Next step - assigning "free" controllers to those controls. I chose the first free ones, 25 and 26.
After assigning these in Kontakt, my previously handwritten automation on 14 and 15 stopped working... you need to add lanes for the new CC #'s. Then, I was able to record CC data via gesture into lanes for CC's 25&26.



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