Getting Wave to work with Logic Pro

Hi, I've read the support pages and I've watched a few videos but I still can't get my Wave to work properly with Logic Pro. I thought I'd pick an "easy" preset...the Beautiful Vibrato one, but I can't work out how to trigger the "pitch bend" parameter within Logic. I can map the Wave to other parameters but nowhere can I see where to map it to a pitch bend parameter. I can get volume to work with the vibrato gesture and it *sort of* sounds like a vibrato but proper vibrato is change of pitch not volume. I also selected PB from within the Softwave preset but that didn't work either (as shown here: )

One of the YouTube tutorials I watched showed a "controller" drop down menu within the piano roll editor where he was able to select pitch bend but I'm not seeing it no matter which instrument or view I select. 

I'm finding this very frustrating as I only just received the Wave and was so excited to start using it. I messaged Genki on their FB page but haven't had a reply

Any guidance on this would be very much appreciated! There's probably some simple step I'm just overlooking



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  • Following up to my own post.

    I created a new preset and successfully mapped volume to the tilt function. So everything is working properly, and I'm doing the right things. Now if someone could just help me with pitch bend and the vibrato preset I will be happy


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