Shifting tilt range on Ring

(I've checked the Movement range keeps shifting post, but this seems to be a different problem)

I'm using Ring in standalone mode/Relative, with Max software, on a Mac M1 with Big Sur.

Roll and pan are behaving as I would expect.

Tilt. I've set the range of movement to be from roughly 45 degs down to 45 degs up.

So I tilt my hand up and hold it there (more or less). The output dot (in Software) gradually drops back towards the zero point. Moving my hand and and up gets the dot back to its high point but it immediately drops back again. I find that I have to raise my hand/finger higher and higher to get back to the high point; sometimes I need to flick my hand upwards to get the full value again.

And, holding my hand up and panning also causes the tilt value to drop.

I've been assigning tilt to volume (and pan to playback head position), so all of this means that my sounds keep getting quieter as I change the playback point, not at all what I want!

Hmm. It also looks as though tilting up and down is also moving the pan value, which I didn't think it was doing before.

Is this how it is for everyone, or might there be something wrong with my hardware?






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