Software 0.10.0 stability

I'm on MacOS High Sierra.  Software 0.9 was nice and stable, and I could use very low buffers without a problem.  The new version however crashes all the time.  It crashes when I try to connect a second Wave.  It crashes when using an AU plugin.  And even on the highest buffer setting, it won't sound clean on some plugins.  

I also update the Wave to the new version.  Now I can't get it to send to a Widi Master anymore, not in Softwave, nor in standalone mode.  Everything shows up in Softwave as connected.

Tips welcome!



  • Hi Chris,

    I'm sorry to hear that! We haven't had any problems like this during internal testing.

    If you send us a support ticket we can try to figure out what might be happening. If others are facing this issue please let us know.

  • Yes, I'm facing the same issue on OS Big Sur 11.1 and 11.2


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