Unable to select Midi Inputs from Akai MPK249


I have strange behaviour with Softwave.  When I access Audio/Midi settings, I am not able to select some of the options listed in Active Midi Inputs.  Those that are selectable work fine and I am able to play the respective controller.  However I do not see my Akai MPK249 listed, and because I am unable to select all inputs cannot see whether it might be one of the generic inputs - eg "Midi-4".  Actually if I turn off the MPK249, the input Midi-4 disappears, so that must be the MPK249.  That is one of the inputs that I am not able to select.

I plugged the MPK249 directly into the laptop (as opposed to through a hub) and the behaviour persists.

I am on Windows 10, using a Dell XPS15, I have version 0.9 installed.

Please advise.






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