Ability to define an inactive zone [FUNCTIONALITY ALREADY PROVIDED]

Currently we can set the range of the parameter control and the default point.  It would be really useful to also define the size of the default zone, ie a range where changes in the controller position will no result in a CC change being sent.  This will allow better control of the Wave resulting in fewed erroneous changes just due to slight shifts in the hand position.

Example: Roll set to pitch bend with the +ve and -ve range set to say +/- 50%, default set to middle, but with a default zone of +/- 5%.  So any rotation from -5% to+5% will not ellicit any pitch bend, but from -5% to -50% will result in 0 to -100% of the pitch bend range for the source.

Effectively this change would allow the user to reduce the parameter change bleed that you get with certain mappings.  The user could always set the default zone size to 0 if they wanted change to occur over the full range with no 'dead zone'.




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  • Hmmmm....ignore the above.  After all that I realised I can achieve exactly this using the movement curve view and adjusting the points.  


    I updated the request title to reflect this fact...



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