Softwave shuts/crashes when selecting Bluetooth Midi or selecting DrumWave

If I select Bluetooth Midi whilst in the Audio/Midi settings, Softwave shuts when the Windows Bluetooth settings is opened.  Is that by design or a bug.  I'm  not sure why it would close.

Also if I try change from Synthwave to Drumwave, Softwave also crashes.

I am on version 0.9



  • Hi Steve,

    That sounds like a bug. We'll make sure to check it out for the next release. Have you tried pairing Wave with your computer before opening Softwave?

  • Thanks for reply, it seems it's just a bug in that button as once I pair with the computer it is retained and works fine in Softwave.

    I can no longer recreate the crash when changing from Synthwave to Drumwave so that might have been related to before I had paired?


  • Good to hear! We are working on some stability updates for Windows 10 and we'll make sure to test this thoroughly before the next release.

    The Synthwave/Drumwave crashes might have been related, but it's hard to know for certain.


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