Wave battery life

I understand that this unit is very small, and the charge should not be expected to last all too long, but since it first dying out once received i cannot get it t stay on longer than a small handful of minutes even after letting it charge overnight.

Possibly when i think I've turn it off I actually haven't. Going from memory i am pushing the two outside buttons simultaneously until the screen tuns off. At that point, i think i've turned it off. If I"m wrong about this, please would someone tell me how to do it correctly.

If i am correct on this however, i am really disappointed as I had huge plans for this for live performance, but if i can't rely on it staying on for more than five minutes, its just become another toy that's not to be taken seriously as it it not useful.

Please help!



  • Hi Peter,

    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Wave's battery life should be around eight hours in constant use after a full charge. To properly turn the ring off, you hold the up and down buttons until it shuts off, like you describe.

    Could you make sure that you have the latest firmware updates by downloading Softwave from our website and connecting Wave to your computer?

    If you charge it fully (~90 minutes) and leave it connected to the computer, how long does the battery last?

  • Twice it died within ten minutes.

    I *think* i realized what i may have been doing incorrectly. I turned it off as you described, the display went dark, then connect the power cable, and i noticed then the display would be on again to show only two dots which i assumed was the low power level indication.

    I tried it again last night, and once it was connected to power I turned it off again, and the display was not on at that point. That was hours ago. I'm going to disconnect it now, and then when it's not 4:22 in the AM (ha!) try it again as my testing continues. I will get back with you.

    I have noticed that you can still use it with the cable connected but i haven't done any timing to determine how long it will remain on then as it kind of defeats the purpose of it being wireless.

    I just received it less than a week ago and I ordered it directly from your website...i would assume it's up to date?

    Thank you for getting back so quickly.

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for getting back to us. The two blinking dots mean that it's waiting for a connection. You can surely use the ring while it is charging, but the main use case is wireless.

    Even if you ordered it a week ago, there firmware might not be completely up to date, since we manufacture the rings in batches. So it doesn't hurt to check.

  • My battery is worn down on an old ring that it barely holds a charge for about 30-45 minutes, I'd like to try replacing the battery, could you please give the EXACT specs on it and any directions you might have to help me. I see it says "Li-ion rechargable battery. 65 mAh", can you please be more exact so I can order one? 


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