Windows 10 64bit (20H2) VST scan

How long it takes to fix Windows 10 64bit VST plugin scanning? At the moment VST scan option doesn't show in the menu like it should. I can use only the default softwave plugins or standalone mode via Widi Master.


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    Hi Joni,

    Thanks for reaching out! We are working on a new release for Softwave that should hopefully see the light of day before the holidays. Fixing the VST scan options is among the things we are working on for this release.

  • Following this.

    I would expect to be able to enter a dir to scan for this functionality.  Is that how it should function?  I only have Synthwave and Drumwave listed.  How can I scan for all my VSTs?


  • Hi Steve,

    There's a bug in the latest version of Softwave (0.9.0) which prevents the VST scan option from appearing. We are fixing this in an upcoming release. You should see a notification in Softwave when it's available.

  • Hey! This has been fixed in the latest version of Softwave.

    Read all about it here.

  • Thanks - working now in the latest version.

    Are VST 2 plugins not recognised, only VST3 were picked up.



  • Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, as far as we are aware of, VST2 support from Steinberg has ended and they are not issuing new VST2 licenses. We are therefore not able to support and host VST2 plugins.


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