Problem with Genki wave in stand alone mode

Hi all,

I have a simple question:
How can I use the Wave ring stand alone with my Yamaha keyboard (Genos) via Bluetooth WIDI master without a PC?

When using my laptop with Bluetooth I can connect the ring and the WIDI master to my PC (MIDI input).
Ffrom there my PC sends MIDI signals to my keyboard using WIDI master output.
I see incoming signals on channel 1 in the MIDI monitor of my keyboard and all works fine. So I can for example use vibrato to play a violin on my Yamaha keyboard.

But when only connecting the ring stand alone directly to WIDI master at my keyboard without running my PC  I can’t see any incoming signals in the MIDI monitor of my keyboard although the ring got a Bluetooth connection to WIDI master. So I can't use the gestures to manipulate effects on my keyboard in stand alone.mode.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards, Uwe




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    Hi Uwe,

    Thank you for your patience. We are very glad you stumbled upon a fix for this issue.

    We'll make sure to update our documentation to address this so future users won't have to face this struggle.


  • Hi guys!

    I found the solution by mysqlf.

    When I got the wave ring I’ve updated its firmware but I never updated the WIDI master firmware cause it worked well with my iPad and Songbook+ to choose a registration in my keyboard when selecting scores in this score management app.

    Now I installed an WIDI app from CME on my Android Smartphone.
    After a couple of tries I finally managed it to upgrade the firmware from version to
    Now I get signals from the ring !!


    To other readers: Please check if you already are using the latest WIDI firmware !

    BTW: I really thought that I flashed the WIDI master to death cause I had to retry the upgrade / flash process a couple of times cause the progress bar didn’t show a progress !

    Good luck with Genki wave


    Best regards, Uwe

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm using Softwave 0.11.2 and it seems that the changes in the standalone mode editor are not well saved to the Wave ring after closing Softwave and re-connecting the Wave via bluetooth to my computer. Some values are stored in the Wave ring (the number of presets for instance) but some others are not. And even if the ring is well connected via bluetooth to my software (I use Max MSP), no data is received. I tried with two different rings but the result is the same.

    Have I done anything wrong?

    Thank you in advance for your help!



  • Hi, there!

    Please make sure Widi master is updated  to the latest firmware:

    Also, make sure that the Wave is activated  (you should be seeing moving lines on the LED display)


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