Softwave x Cubase

Viktor Ingi Guðmundsson is the audio director at Myrkur Games.

His preferred DAW is Cubase and here he shares his Softwave Preset Bank that he uses daily.

Download Preset Bank

1st preset: controls modulation in orchestral libraries for a natural sounding flow.

2nd preset: controls modulation on the Y axis with tilt and expression with pan on the x axis, making Wave act as a controller in Straylight.

3rd preset: controls master volume.


See the video here:



  • Very nice video!


    Questsion: Is Softwave running in Cubase as a plugin?

    If not, in my case when running besides Cubase the midi data won't show up in Cubase.

    What could me wrong?

    - Korg driver is installed properly in one of the midi 0 - midi 9 slots.

    - When opening Softwave, all works fine.

    - When opening Cubase without Software running, the ring input data fine too.

    As soon as I open Softwave while running Cubase, Cubase seems to "lose the driver" somehow.


  • Hi Matthijs,

    Softwave runs as a standalone application, not a plugin.

    Most of the stock presets in Softwave do not have any MIDI CC values associated with the functions, but are configured to control Softwave's internal synth engine. Do you still get no MIDI data in Cubase if you for example use the preset "15. MIDI - Tilt to CC 15"?


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