Wave as a Recording Remote

We've been playing around the idea of using Wave as a remote control for recording using Key Commands.

Here are presets for Ableton, Logic and Pro Tools for those that want to try it out.


First step: Make sure you are running the latest version of Softwave

Second step: Download presets for your DAW

  • These preset banks were made on Mac. Some adjustment of key commands might be needed on Windows.


Logic Pro X

Download Preset

UP Button Creates new track (note that you need to press the button twice for it to register)

MIDDLE Button starts recording

DOWN Button stops recording and mutes the track


Pro Tools

Download Preset for Recording Remote

UP Button Disarms the current track and creates a new one

MIDDLE Button Moves cursor down a track, arms that track and starts recording

DOWN Button stops recording and mutes the track

  • Note that you might need to type in the key command for playlist again, depending on your keyboard language.


Download Preset for Playlist Remote

UP Button Creates a new playlist on the selected track

MIDDLE Button starts recording

DOWN Button stops recording

  • As users generally like to make playlists in Pro Tools this preset allows you to do that


Ableton Live

Download Preset

UP Button creates a new track and arms it

MIDDLE Button starts recording

DOWN Button stops recording, disarms and mutes the track

  • Note that Ableton doesn’t allow mapping to ‘Mute’ and ‘Arm’ so we have been using a Max 4 Live patch called Futility (version 3.3) -> https://gumroad.com/l/FKHsF
  • It costs $3 but is worth it. You load it to your sessions master track and for the preset bank to work you need to Key Map the Mute button to ‘m’ and the Arm button ‘r’.


1. Load the preset bank for your DAW of choice in Softwave



2. You can now use Wave as a recording remote in your DAW!





  • Hey, question: For Ableton, is it possible to do something similar for the session mode?

    Cause this is the place where that feature would come handy. At least I hardly ever use timeline mode for jamming

    Anyway I am not much of a mapping expert, maybe there is already something like mapping the slots of a track?

    Greetings, Michi

  • Please for UAD LUNA :)

  • Hey guys, nothing for Cubase pro 11 ?


    Thank you for your feedback :)


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