Wave Feature Requests

What would be your optimal additional features of Wave?



  • Being able to run Softwave as a VSTi 

  • +1

    and/or having a max4live device for ableton that does the same functionality



  • Quick suspension of automation writing. Being able to quickly suspend or pause CC automation quickly using the ring buttons is essential to my workflow.

    Currently I have to turn off the ring then back on which isn't optimal. I generally want to leave the ring on, but not always have it writing CC data.

    If a quick toggle could change softwave presets then that could work. If a quick toggle could simply put it into a "sleep mode" maintaining bluetooth connectivity, but not writing CC information then that would be best. That way I maintain connection, stay in the DAW, and can perform without accidentally writing lots of bad CC information with a ring when I don't mean to. 

    Currently I can't find a smooth way to use the ring because it's always on and always writing data which ends up with almost as many accidental CC messages as it writes intentionally performed CC data. It's messy.



  • Aaronbrownsound you can use Software to configure the buttons to active presets (pause CC automation). Learn more about it here https://support.genkiinstruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014087078-Button-configuration

  • Thank you! I figured it would be there and I missed the pause CC automation option. I'll leave it up for anyone else who missed it in the manual :)

  • I found out what my troubles were!

    First, I didn't realize the Wave itself has a default button configuration with actions and that those button actions only exist in this area.

    Left clicking the text (like Activate) allows them to be changed for default controls tied to clicks or long presses.

    I also didn't realize that by assigning anything in a patch to a click it will OVERRIDE the default Wave button configuration in the top left panel. For example if I add a center click in the patch to trigger anything like a key command or midi it will break the default wave button configuration without warning. In this way it prevents activate from working without warning. There isn't a message about a conflict, or the override, or the default turning red. It just doesn't work. This caused me a fair amount of trouble so I'm posting this video here to hope for more clarity of those conflicts by turning their color red or something or showing a message of the conflict or preventing those conflicts. 


    I thought for a minute it was broken, but it was just this behavior and not knowing where certain button actions lived.


    Side note, It would be cool to have extra button options to SOLO a particular motion such as "solo tilt" or "solo pan" Often for XY pads I only assign one at a time, but it's a mess to do this without soloing. Sure I can click M or S in the softwave, but I have to alt tab to do that sort of defeating the purpose of this awesome wireless ring :) It seems using Long Presses to be able to SOLO TILT or SOLO PAN or SOLO ROTATE would be great!



  • Additional notes: Click assignment in a patch breaks/overrides default click button behavior (typically Activate), Long Press breaks/overrides default Long Press button behavior, and interestingly momentary and momentoggle break both Click and Long Press button behavior. Hopefully the Momentary and Momentoggle can be separated out to allow multiple options so all four can have unique behaviors without blocking the main Activate button click functionality.


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