standalone wave patch change

I setup my Wave ring with the standalone editor so the 12 patches are named "patch 1" to "patch 12" and each patch has only one function assigned: it sends the patch change indicated (upper right drop down) on midi channel 1.

When I push the button on the ring, the pedal changes to
another patch (sound). There is one strange
thing, starting on patch 1 on the ring when I change to
patch 2 the pedal goes to patch 1, and so on as I go up
BUT when I go down on the ring, it is different! If I am on
patch 5 and go down on the ring to 4, the pedal goes to
patch 4 !?!

I know that there is a confusion about numbers, patch 1 in the midi spec is a 'data byte' of 0, but I see on the Softwave standalone editor the range is 1 to 128 and not 0 to 127, and the pedal has no display (it just flashes the LED one time for patch 1, twice for patch 2, etc) so both devices are essentially 1 to 128.

There must be something about how the Wave ring sends the assigned patch change command when you navigate the patches using the up and down buttons on the ring. I am not using the computer at all when I have the Wave ring commanding the pedal.

Any insight on this one?




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