Softwave will not launch on Mac OS Sonoma

I installed the software, and it refuses to launch on my Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1 machine, with the error:

You can’t open the application “” because this application is not supported on this Mac.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks.



  • I had an older version 0.12.3, which I tried on the same computer, and that one works! Only the latest one from the website (0.13?) will not launch.

  • Same here, the self-update process replaced my working Softwave v0.12.3 for an incompatible Softwave v0.13 . Can someone post a download link to 0.12.3?


  • Needless to say, all, please TURN OFF auto updates. Make manual updates only, and keep a copy of the older file in the Applications folder to avoid problems like this.

  • Update: Looks like they have fixed the issue, and have re-released 0.13 yesterday! It works fine now. The problem appears to have been that the previous 0.13 was marked as compatible ONLY with Apple Silicon. Now, it is a universal binary and works with both Apple and Intel machines. (Mine is an intel machine).

  • Great, hoping for the best and keeping a copy :)


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