Probs using as guitar whammy/bigsby/tremolo

My dream was to play a midi guitar, or in my case an artiphon instrument 1, and wave my hand around to bend notes using a gesture to drive pitch bend. 

What would work is if I could click a button that could un-Activate and Reset Movements in one click - or Reset Movements after un-Activate. What doesn't work at all is doing this with 2 button presses, because Reset Movements followed by un-Activate ALWAYS leaves what I'm playing un-Activated with the midi out of tune. It's theoretically possible to Reset Movements then carefully un-Activate but this is fiddly and interrupts playing as well as never being entirely successful because my hand will of course always move between button presses - resulting, as I said, in the instrument being out of tune. 

Is there a fix? This is worse as a guitarist because I move my hands more that a keyboardist, but they'd still have a similar issue, wouldn't they?



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  • I actually don't understand how anyone manages to deactivate or otherwise conclude a control gesture with things reset to zero so they stay that way. Am I missing something?


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