Wave freezes and Softwave crashes 30 minutes after pairing (Windows 10)

Hi guys, 
I can't get Wave to keep the connection for more than 30 minutes. Did anyone have a similar problem?

Here is the problem in more detail:

1. Wave will just simply freeze in the middle of usage without any apparent reason.

2. If Wave was in "inactive state" on preset one (I see "1" on the Wave's screen), once it freezes, no button can change the "1" on the screen. I have to turn it off (pushing up and down buttons simultaneously)

3. Softwave window would indicate "(Application not responding)" and and nothing can be clicked inside of a window. Trying to close Softwave would promt a pop up with "Close application" and "Wait for application to respond"

4. Once I close and reopen Softwave after the initial crash, and get Wave in the pairing mode (two blinking dots on Wave's screen) the Wave doesn't want to connect. Softwave would recognize it and if I open Softwave's "Connect Wave" screen - it would flash between "Wave" and "Wave- connected". But nothing will connect Wave - I have to restart the machine and then the same cycle repeats. 

I tried upgrading firmware, getting a new Bluetooth dongle, removing Wave from Windows Bluetooth devices, reinstalling Softwave, enabling download with a metered connection, setting Bluetooth Services to Automatic startup and still have the same issue.
Can you please help me with this?

Thank you



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