Cosmos comes equipped with presets to get you started on your sonic journey. The synth is designed to be an inspirational machine so creating your own sounds is extremely easy.


Access the Preset Overview

To access the Preset Overview press the name of the preset you're in.

To close the Preset Overview window press the preset name again.


Create new preset

To create a new preset press CREATE NEW PRESET. You'll start with a clean slate and can create your own preset from the ground up.


Rename a preset

To change the name of a preset double click the Preset name and type in a new one. Click anywhere with the mouse to confirm the new name or hit Enter.


Save preset

When you change the state of a preset an asterisk symbol (*) is displayed beside the preset name. To save the state of the preset, and therefore overwrite the former state press SAVE PRESET.


Save as a new preset

If you don't want to overwrite a preset you can create a new one with your new state by pressing SAVE AS NEW PRESET.


Import presets

If you have presets saved to your computer you can import them by pressing IMPORT PRESETS. This action will add the imported presets to your current library.


Export presets

To save presets for later or for sharing with another Cosmos user press EXPORT PRESETS.


Deleting presets

To delete presets from your library press the X behind the preset name in the Preset Overview.

Note that you can not delete stock presets.


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