WIDI Master

WIDI Master

I have connected Wave and Widi Master to Softwave, but no MIDI is sent to my synth.
  1. Head to Menu → Audio/Midi Settings...
  2. Make sure both Wave and Widi Master are selected as MIDI inputs.
  3. Also make sure the MIDI Output is set to Widi Master.
My Widi Master does not receive MIDI when paired directly with Wave
Please try upgrading the firmware for your Widi Master and try again. See here for instructions on how to upgrade the Widi Master firmware.
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  • Hello

    I have only purchased Genki Wave so what is Midi Master? Please dont tell me this is another hardware I have to purchase to use this Genki? If this is so then you are misleading people and if not then please send me a link where it shows how to connect and start using my instrument.




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