In the Custom mode you can create your own set of controls for whichever application you want.


Type a keyboard shortcut (for example cmd+C or cmd+Z) for the upper, lower and middle button.

In order for Wave to control a custom application the application needs to be selected when pressing Wave's buttons.


Customizing the buttons

    1. Click "None" on the button you want to customize.


    2. Select "Custom".

    3. A pulsing button appears that reads "Press key". Type the keyboard shortcut on your keyboard you wish to use.

    4. To create a custom display for your keyboard shortcut click the heart icon to the right.

    5. Draw in a new icon that fits your keyboard shortcut by clicking the black and white dots with your mouse cursor. The black dots indicate the lights that will be visible. When finished click "Apply".

    6. You're all set.

      In this example, every time you click the lower button, it now sends "cmd+C" to your computer, and when you do, Wave's display shows a "C" to indicate you've pressed the button.

      Additionally the upper button sends "cmd+Z", the middle button "cmd+V" and when you hold the middle button and rotate your hand, you adjust the computer's audio.



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