In the Music mode you can use Wave to control an application's audio, whether you're using Spotify, iTunes Music or YouTube.


As a default the middle button lets you play and pause a track while the upper and lower button change songs. You can adjust the volume by holding the middle button while rotating your hand.

Wave will control the last selected audio application, just like the audio adjustment buttons on your keyboard.



Play/Pause - Last selected audio application
Starts and stops audio.

Next Song - Last selected audio application
Changes to the next song.

Previous Song - Last selected audio application
Changes to the previous song.

Mute Audio - Computer audio
Mutes your computer's audio.

Volume - Computer audio
Lets you adjust the volume by holding the Middle button on Wave and rotating your hand.


Customizing the buttons

The default settings can easily be customized.

    1. Click the action you want to change. For example "Next Song".


    2. Select a new action from the list.music_2.png

    3. You're all set. In this example, every time you click the middle button, it mutes your computer's audio.


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