The settings can be accessed by pressing the gear icon in the lower left corner of the application.


Device name
Rename your Wave.

Wave's position
Choose between "Right hand" and "Left hand" based on which hand you use to wear your Wave. This feature rotates the LED display 180°.

Lights on
Turns the LEDs on and off.

Cycle between modes
Enables and disables the cycle feature. The cycle feature allows you to cycle between the modes (Video Call, Presentation, Music and Custom) by holding the upper or lower button on Wave.

Autoconnect Wave
Choose if you want Wave to autoconnect to the Wave for Work application.

Open application on startup
Choose if you want the Wave for Work application to open automatically when you start up your computer.

Auto-Update application
When enabled the Wave for Work application updates automatically.

Send usage data to Genki
At this point the Wave for Work application does not send any usage data from your computer.




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