MIDI configuration

Wavefront is configured to route fixed MIDI messages to each output.


Wavefront is capable of receiving 14-bit MIDI CC values. The controller numbers are fixed at 16-21.

When sending 14-bit messages, the MSB is sent as usual and the LSB should follow in a message where the controller number offset by 32.

Standard 7-bit MIDI messages work just as well.


The first four outputs (16-19) are connected to a 16-bit DAC and have a range of +/- 5V.

The last two outputs (20 and 21) can only be toggled high/low. CC messages with a value of 64 and higher will set the output to 5V.

In addition to these fixed controller values, Wavefront also listens to note on/off messages, pitchbend and channel pressure.


The Gate output is toggled high for any note on events, and low once all notes are released.


MIDI note numbers are translated to 1V/octave CV and routed to the Tilt output, and the note velocity is routed to Pan.

Channel Pressure

Channel pressure messages are routed to the Roll output.


Pitchbend messages get routed to the Vibrato output.

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