Wave for Music

What's the difference between Wave for Music and Wave for Work?

Wave for Music features Softwave, a robust software and sound engine that allows complete customization and six unique gestures.

Wave for Work features software that lets you control and customize work applications.

What do I need to get started?
Wave is a Bluetooth MIDI controller, and needs to connect to your computer, tablet or another Bluetooth MIDI host.
You can also use Wave in combination with WIDI Master by CME to connect Wave straight to your hardware that doesn't support Bluetooth MIDI -> see instructions.

In order to get started, download Wave's companion software Softwave, to explore all of Wave's possibilities -> see instructions.

From there you can connect Wave to your DAW of choice -> see instructions.
Can I export/import my presets into Softwave?
Yes, you can export your preset banks to a file and import it at a later time -> see instructions.
Do I have to use Wave on my right hand?
Wave is designed to be worn on either the left or the right index finger. You can configure Wave through Softwave -> see instructions.
Can I use Softwave to process audio?
You can host VST3/AU plugins in Softwave. If your plugin can process audio, you can use it inside Softwave. Just make sure the correct audio input is selected in Audio/MIDI Settings and Mute audio input is not checked -> see instructions.
How can I tell if Wave is compatible with my computer?
In order to use Wave you need a computer that is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Wave uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which was first introduced with Bluetooth 4.0. Additionally you'll need a PC computer with Windows 10 or a Mac computer with OSX El Capitan or higher.

Mac Compatibility PC Compatibility

Bluetooth 4.0 was introduced to most Mac products around 2011/2012.

-> Mac Mini and Macbook Air in 2011.
-> Macbook Pro and iMac in 2012.
-> Mac Pro in 2013 (Black Model).

To see if your Mac is compatible to work with Wave:

1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.
2. Select About this Mac.
3. There you'll see your Mac's OS X version. You need to have El Capitan or higher (v. 10.11).
4. Click on the System Report... button.
5. Navigate to Bluetooth in the sidebar to the left, it's under Hardware.
6. Navigate to LMP Version down the list that appears when you've selected Bluetooth.
7. If LMP reads 0x6 or higher your Mac is compatible with Wave.

What about latency?
The latency generally depends on the host system you connect Wave to, and is limited by the Bluetooth LE standard.

When connected to a MacOS, Windows 10 PC, or even iOS and Android, the overall latency can be around 7-20m, and around 7ms when using the Widi Master.

Wave and Wavefront use a proprietary protocol instead of BLE, that achieves under 1 ms latency.

Check out this article for a more detailed look into Bluetooth MIDI and what the latency figures actually mean.
Where can I download Waveblock for NI Reaktor?
Waveblock is not yet available for Reaktor. You should however be able to map Wave's MIDI input in Reaktor easily.
How can I use Wave with my DAW?
If your DAW has MIDI learn/mapping functionality, you should be able to use Wave within it. Check out the instructions page and see if your DAW is listed. If it isn't, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Can I use Softwave on iPad, iPhone or Android?
Softwave is only available for MacOS and Windows 10. You can use Wave in standalone mode on iOS and Android -> see instructions.
I would like to use Wave for something else than music, can I access the API somewhere?
A simple API is available for developers. Check out the documentation and reach out to us at wave@genkiinstruments.com if you have any further questions.
Can I try Wave out?
You can try Wave and Wavefront out at the following dealers.

How many Waves can I use simultaneously?
The number of Waves you can use simultaneously depends on the device you are connecting your Waves to. The official Bluetooth specifications say seven is the maximum number of Bluetooth devices that can be connected at once.

Using Softwave you can connect up to two Waves at a time.
What is the maximum distance Wave can be from a computer?
Up to 10 meters but depends on the surroundings
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