Connecting Wave to Softwave

MacOS Windows 10

Connecting to MacOS

To connect Wave make sure it is turned on.
You turn Wave on by pressing its Middle button.
Also make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your computer.

After you connect Wave, Softwave remembers it and autoconnects to it next time you turn your Wave on.

  1. Press "A Connect Wave" in the top left corner of Softwave.
  2. Select Wave from the list that appears.
  3. Close the window.
  4. Wave should be connected to your computer.
  5. To connect a 2nd Wave to Softwave press "B Connect Wave" and repeat steps 2-4

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  • hi hi,

    I´m struggling with getting the wave ring and the new softwave-version working properly.

    They are connected, but there is no visual feedback within softwave. In my "connect to bluetooth"-menu it shows as "Wave - connected", but when I go back to the main softwave gui, there is no wave ring connected. Although I hear Sounds, when I activate the Drum- or Synthwave, but no visual Feedbacks.

    I´ve installed Softwave v0.10.0, updated the Ring via my Android Smartphne, uninstalled the old KORG MIDI Driver, installed the new loopMIDI Driver, followed your "Wave is connected to my computer, but Softwave does not recognize it."-Troubleshhoting-advice, restarted the computer several times, but nothing is changing.

    Best regards, Marcus

    System: Windows 10 Home, 10.0.19042

  • Hi Marcus,

    I'm sorry you're having troubles connecting Wave to your computer. If you've followed all our troubleshooting advice without success, please file a support ticket ("Contact us" above) and we'll try to resolve the issue.

  • Uhm.

    Mac User Here. Very stable system. Mac Catalina on a powerful Mac book pro; one of the most common devices on which people could use this product.

    Sorry to say this but it does not work at all. I wrote to support but it's a bit embarrassing that a new and out of the box product does not work in one of the most common and stable OS and devices. Catalina is out from a lot of time and it's not old for sure, never had problems with any software (Cubase, Dorico, 15 TBs of virtual instruments brands)

    Softwave just causes a crash on softwave itself when trying to connect. 

  • Hi Giuseppe, I'm very sorry to hear Softwave is not working properly on your system.

    You should have received a response from support through your email.

  • I can't get it to function in either DAW (Reason 11 or Studio One Pro). I've tried to power it off and it's not responding.

  • By the way, I using Windows 10 Pro.

  • Hi folks, I just received my Wave. I paired it with my computer and had it working perfectly with Softwave for a bit. I just come back from making a cup of tea and it's no longer working. The Bluetooth connection seems to connect and then immediately disconnect, and this loops on forever. Here are the symptoms I observe:

    1. On the Wave itself, two dots pulsate indefinitely, which I think indicates Wave is trying to connect.
    2. In the Windows 10 notification panel, the Bluetooth button shows "Wave Connected" and then the words "Wave Not connected" flash buy very quickly, this loops indefinitely.
    3. In Softwave, I click Connect Wave and my device appears listed. I select it and an "X" appears next to it, still says "Wave" (doesn't say "connected" or anything like that). I click Close and nothing happens. The two Wave A and B devices still give me the option to "Connect Wave", indicating that it's not connected.

    I know how it's supposed to work because, as I said, I just had it working. I've tried removing the Bluetooth device from the paired devices list, and even restarting my computer, but I'm not having much luck. I'll try see if I can find the reason, but hopefully someone from Genki can chime in, thanks!

  • Hello,

    I have two rings worn by performers connected to softwave. Once in a while one or the other seemingly randomly disconnects and then connects again. Sometimes this seems to have to do with certain gestures but I'm not sure. Also this is happening while the performers are wearing wireless mics.

    I'm on mac high sierra 10.13.6.

  • Just bought the Wave. When I press "select your device" when setting it up either nothing happens or a window pops up telling me of a firmware update. When I press update nothing happens.

  • Just bought the Wave. When I press "select your device" when setting it up either nothing happens or a window pops up telling me of a firmware update. When I press update nothing happens.

    Are you on PC or Mac? If on PC, did you pair the Wave in Windows > Settings? Apparently we are NOT supposed to do that. I was unable to get my Wave to work for a month because I had it paired in Settings. After I unpaired it, it was able to connect without issues. Basically we should only connect through the Softwave app.

  • No i'm on a Mac, Big Sur 11.2.3

    I only went through the Softwave app but nothing is working :/

  • In that case I can't help—I'm on PC. I'm not sure support monitor these threads anymore... If you contact them privately and you find a solution, you might wanna share it here as I'm sure others will find it useful.

  • Hi, Hafsteinn Þórólfsson!

    You should be able to install new firmware on the ring manually through an Android/iOS device. Please follow the steps listed under "I can't update the firmware of my Wave through Softwave" on the troubleshooting page

    Please note that the device's name will be "Firmware update" instead of "Wave" in step 6.

    For firmware update issues in Wave, you can check also this link: 

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if this is enough to solve the problem.🙂️


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