You find Softwave's menu in the top left corner of your screen.

Audio/MIDI Settings
In Audio/MIDI Settings you can:
    • Mute and unmute audio input.
    • Select the preferred audio output.
    • Select an input device.
    • Change the Sample Rate.
    • Change the Audio buffer Size.
    • Select active MIDI inputs.
    • Test if the sound is working properly.
Scan for plugins

You need to scan for the plugins on your computer for Softwave to know which plugins are available. You can scan for VST3 and AU plugins.


You can use Undo and Redo to undo or redo your last actions.

You can also use cmd+z / cmd+shift+z (Mac) or ctrl+z / ctrl+shift+z (Windows) for the same results.


Saves the preset bank you're working within.

New Preset Bank

Create a blank preset bank.

Load Default Preset Bank

Load the original Preset Bank that Softwave came with.

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