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Move between screens by clicking the UP and DOWN button.Edit_Mode__Navigation_and_Main_menu.pngOverview of Preset's Functions

Each preset holds up to 8 functions, and each function is represented by an icon.

A LED in the upper right corner indicates that the function has a dedicated CC number mapped to it. Click MIDDLE button to access submenu.



RE/AB - Relative, Absolute

You can decide if a preset uses Relative (RE) or Absolute (AB) movements. The default state for Wave is Relative.

Relative mode behaves in a way that when you deactivate Wave, no matter how you move your hand in between, when you reactivate it Wave will start tracking from the last position before deactivating.

The Absolute mode does the opposite. It keeps tracking your movements even if you've deactivated Wave, and "jumps" to the current value when you reactivate it.

Absolute is stuck in space, Relative moves with you.

Click MIDDLE button to change.




R/L - Right, Left

Use this feature dependant on if you wear Wave on your left or right index finger. Click MIDDLE button to change.



Ch - Channel

Use this feature to change the preset's MIDI Channel. Click MIDDLE button to change. Use UP and DOWN buttons to find your channel of choice. Click MIDDLE button again when finished.



PC - Program Change

Use this feature to MIDI Learn a Program Change onto the preset. This way, every time you navigate to this particular preset it will send out a program change to your hardware device. Click MIDDLE button to activate MIDI Learn. Select the program change on your hardware device. It should register automatically.



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