Edit mode

Edit Mode allows you to edit Wave's functions on the ring itself. You enter and exit Edit Mode by holding the Up button on Wave for half a second.

The first screen that shows up when entering Edit Mode is the battery status of Wave.

When the battery status disappears you've entered Edit Mode. Navigate between the functions, represented by their icons, using the Up and Down buttons on Wave. The last screen allows you to change the state of Wave from Relative to Absolute.


Movement Direction: Tilt, Pan, Roll and Vibrato

The arrow beside the icon of functions Tilt, Pan, Roll and Vibrato indicates its movement direction.

You can invert the movement direction by pressing the Middle button on Wave. When you do the arrow should flip.

This will make the parameter you are controlling move in the opposite direction of your movement.movement_direction.png

Movement Range: Tilt, Pan and Roll

The default range of each movement is from 0 to 90 degrees. The range of a movement controls its sensitivity. If the range is small the movement becomes more sensitive, and if the range is large the movement will be less so.


To change the movement range you can hold the Middle button and trace the desired range of the movement in the air. You can go up to 180 degrees.

The position where you start tracing will become the movements starting point when you Reset the movements. You can for example start in the middle, trace upwards and then move past your starting point when you trace downwards. This way the starting point will be in the middle of the movement.Movement_range.png

Output Range: Tilt, Pan, Roll and Vibrato

The default output range for movements is -5V to +5V. This range is customizable for each movement.

With the icon for the movement you want to edit, hold the Down button to enter the Output Range editor.

You can now toggle between editing min/max values of the range by pressing the Middle button and increase/decrease by pressing the Up/Down button respectively.

To exit the Output Range editor hold the Down button again.

Vibrato Sensitivity

Navigate to the icon for Vibrato.

Hold the Middle button and move side to side to change the sensitivity. The slower you move the more sensitive the Vibrato will be.Vibrato_sensitivity.png

Tap Sensitivity

Navigate to the icon for Tap.

Press the Middle button and use the Up and Down buttons to increase/decrease the sensitivity. A filled rectangle means most sensitivity, while an unfilled rectangle means that Tap has been turned off.

Press the middle button again when you have set your desired sensitivity value.Tap_sensitivity.png

Relative vs Absolute

There are two options to map functions to plugin parameters.


You can decide if Wave uses Relative (RE) or Absolute (AB) movements. The default state for Wave is Relative.

Relative mode behaves in a way that when you deactivate Wave, no matter how you move your hand in between, when you reactivate it Wave will start tracking from the last position before deactivating.

The Absolute mode does the opposite. It keeps tracking your movements even if you've deactivated Wave, and "jumps" to the current value when you reactivate it.

Absolute is stuck in space, Relative moves with you.

To change the state of Wave press the middle button to cycle between Relative and Absolute.relative_vs_absolute.png

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