STEP 7. Connect Wave to WIDI Master

If you're happy with the configuration you've made in Softwave, now is the time to disconnect from Softwave by turning Wave off (hold UP and DOWN button) and connect Wave straight to your instrument.

Make sure you disconnect Wave and WIDI Master from your computer. Wave can only be connected to one host at a time, either your computer or WIDI Master.
  1. Disconnect WIDI Master from your computer; in Softwave navigate to Menu->Connect Bluetooth MIDI Devices. Press the "x" behind WIDI Master.

    Note that if you do not disconnect WIDI Master accordingly from Softwave (for example if you only cut off the power to WIDI Master) your computer will remember the connection and auto-connect to WIDI Master next time you turn it on.
  2. To disconnect Wave from your computer close Softwave.

    Note that next time you open Softwave it will remember Wave.
  3. Connect WIDI Master into an instrument. The large unit into MIDI Out and the small one to MIDI In.
  4. Make sure Wave is on and then turn your instrument on to give WIDI Master power.
    After you turn WIDI Master on it will search for a bluetooth device for a few seconds, after that it will try to connect to another source such as your computer. That's why it's recommended to turn Wave on before you turn on WIDI Master.
  5. Wave should connect automatically to WIDI Master.
  6. If nothing happens press the MIDDLE button on Wave. The MIDDLE button activates and deactivates Wave - which is a feature that allows you to move your hand around without affecting parameters.


If Wave does not connect:

  1. Try unplugging WIDI Master and plugging it back in
  2. Try turning your instrument on and off
  3. Make sure neither device is connected to anything else, for example your computer or Wavefront.
If WIDI Master doesn't receive MIDI when paired with Wave:

Try upgrading the firmware for your Widi Master and try again. See here for instructions on how to upgrade the Widi Master firmware.
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